Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy (Updated July 27, 2011)

Gymworld Inc. is committed to protecting your privacy and the privacy of all our members, clients and visitors. Upon registering for any of our programs, you may be asked to provide information that personally identifies you, your child(ren) and other caregivers. This information is used to ensure the safe provision and quality of the program(s) for which you register and allows for the ability to contact you, if and when necessary, with information about your membership or additional programs or services provided by Gymworld Inc. Member or client information is used by Gymworld Inc.ís administrative staff for administrative purposes only, as well as by our coaching staff for the purpose of providing appropriate programs and services for each member or client. Files are kept for each member which include - but are not restricted to - registration forms submitted for programs, fee information for such programs, copies of progress reports, and notes or information we believe to be relevant to providing our programs and services to the best of our ability. Such files are kept for up to seven years following the latest date of registration and, when appropriate, are destroyed by shredding. Gymworld Inc. will not share any personal information with additional parties without your consent, other than if required to do so by law, or in good faith belief that such disclosure is necessary either to comply with the law, to prepare and defend the rights and properties of Gymworld Inc., or to protect a member or client of Gymworld Inc.

Members may take pictures or videos of their own child while they participate in our programs. We ask that members be mindful of the rights of others and focus their shots on their own child. Members must realize that there is a possibility that their childís image may, inadvertently, be captured in the background of another memberís photograph or video.

Registration in any of our programs or submission of any Gymworld Inc. form implies your agreement to our Privacy Policy statement.

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